Personal Information
Music Time! does not request any user identifiable information. For example, we do not request usernames or passwords, real names, phone numbers, etc. You may contact Catnap Apps LLC via email, but we will only use your email address to respond to your support questions.
Music Time! also uses analytics to determine what kind of device the app is running on, iOS version installed, reports of crashes, session length, etc. We use this information solely to build better apps.

In-App Purchasing & Affiliate Linking
From time to time, Music Time! may invite you to purchase items.
We will never have access to sensitive billing information such as credit card or bank account details, even though you're paying for items via the app. All transactions are handled by Apple Inc. To find out more about how your payment is processed, please refer to Apple Inc’s privacy policy here:
Music Time! also contains affiliate links to purchase music in the iTunes Music Store. By following an affiliate link from Music Time! and making a purchase in iTunes, the developer will earn a small commission on the music sold.