Music Time frequently asked questions:

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A: Two songs from each album are built in to the app. If you would like more Caspar Babypants music to play along with, you will need to load the albums onto your iPhone or iPad using iTunes. This can be from CDs you already own, or purchased online from iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby, etc.
A: If you've already transferred Caspar Babypants music to your iPhone or iPad and it’s not available to play in Music Time, you will need to make sure that the song, album, and artist tags are correct in iTunes. The artist tag for each album should be Caspar Babypants.

The albums and song titles should be as follows: (click on the album title to see the track listing)
Small Black Ant
Little Broken Truck
Brown and Lonely Worm
Free Like a Bird
Baby Bear
Three Blind Mice
Baby in a Corn Tree
Heard a Bird
Babies Little Self
Run Away
The Island Hop
Under a Rock
Bug in the Cuff
Shortnin Bread
Let the S Go
Billy Pringle
Poor Dust Bunnies
Freres Jacques
Bright Bug
Monkey River
Calling From Clouds
Sleeping Baby
Take the Sun
Dog Gone Gone Dog Gone
Robin on a Wire
Rocks and Flowers
Run Baby Run
Dust Mite
Cotton Eyed Joe
Mary and Her Friends
I'm a Nut
Looking Up
Itsy Bitsy Spider
Bold Little Bird
Made Up My Mind
Fuzzy Wuzzy
Sittin on This Rock
Light It Up
Got a Little Ghost
Spiders Lullaby
All You Pretty Babies
Speedy Centipede
The Legend Of The Bone
Baby's Getting Up
Where Do You Go?
Googly Eyes
Shoo Fly
Tiger Through The Trees
Bounce Your Baby
Baby And The Animals
The Cuckoo
t's Gonna Rain
The Frogs
Mister Rabbit
Little Ditty
Buckeye Jim
Look At All These Elephants
Dark Of Night
Bad Blue Jay
Wild Wild Time
I Wanna Be A Snowman
Funny Bone
My Flea Has Dogs
Ba Ba Black Sheep
Spider John
Loud And Quiet
Mister Winter Bee
Long Long Dream
Ring Around The Rosie
Them Bones
Pussycat Pussycat
Me And My Echo
Butterfly Driving A Truck
Sun Go
Baby Cloud
Sugar Ant
Crazy Blue Beetle
This Old Whale
Summer Baby (Let It Ride)
Boot Got Grounded
Messy Face
Stompy the Bear
Eleanor the Elegant Elephant
Bunny Brown
All That I Have Got
The Animal Lunch
I Don't Mind
Scared Scare Crow
More Moles
Sweepin' Broom
Lonely Glove
Snowman in the Summer
A Thousand Tiny Doughnuts
Even Bugs Are Sleeping
I Found You
Just Wondering
All The Fish
Baby Of Mine
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
The Stump Hotel
Yes And No
Sleepy Head
Say Farewell
Too Dirty To Love
Row Row Row Your Boat
Cricket The King
Hobo Baby
Woods Behind My Home
If I Was A
Golden Sunset
Good Morning (Rise And Shine)
The Littlest Worm
Silly Bird
The Creatures Under My Bed
Hush Little Baby
John Mousey
Bird In An Airplane Suit
Pretty Crabby
The Runaway Shoes
Fiddlehead Fern
Mud Puddle
Rig A Jig Jig
The Girl With The Squirrel In Her Hat
Rock A Bye Baby
Rain Rain Come Today
Early Bird
Hold Fast Baby Barnacle
Sleepy Eyed
Bye Bye Day
Just For You
Up All Night
Take It Easy
Wonder Why You Hide
Day Is Gone
Through Your Window
Beneath The Water
Dragonfly Blue
Deep In The Dirt
The Land Of Shush
Sad Baby
Little Sleeper
Sliver Moon
Drift Off In Time
Undo Your Mind
Made Of Light
A: If you're an iTunes Match subscriber, you will need to ensure that the music you want to play in Music Time is downloaded to your iPhone or iPad. To do this, open up the Music Player on your iPhone or iPad and find your Caspar Babypants music. If you see a cloud icon like in the screenshot below, you will need to touch it to download the music to the local storage in your device. Be aware that downloading large amounts of data over a cellular network will deduct from your plans monthly bandwidth allotment, so you may want to do this when on a Wi-Fi network.

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Music Time Revision History:

Version 1.4
- New album added (including two new free songs) - Night Night!
- Music Time is now 64bit compatible (we didn't stop at 63bits).
Version 1.3
- New album, Rise And Shine!, including two new free songs to play!
- You can now also drag the little birdie to quickly move to any point in a song, plus various bug fixes and general iOS 8 friendless added in.
Version 1.02
- Fixed a bug to correct the touchable area of the percussion instrument triggers.
Version 1.01
- Fixed a bug in the album selection process where the app could quit if a songs ID3 tags were not what the app was expecting.
Version 1.0:
- Initial release.